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CMaps Analytics Training

Training for CMaps Analytics Software

cmaps-analytics-trainingCMaps Analytics is one of the most popular and robust location intelligence solutions on the market today. But like most of the tools within the business intelligence arena, it takes expertise and time to fully take advantage of its benefits.

This is exactly why we chose to not only offer services for CMaps Analytics, but training courses as well.

Our experienced consultants can help you master the features and capabilities of CMaps Analytics software, including their own courses: Location Intelligence 101 and CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards (review course details below). At the end of each course, you will have enough knowledge to manage all aspects of CMaps Analytics for your organization and drive greater ROI from your business and location intelligence efforts.

CMaps Analytics Courses

Location Intelligence 101

The Location Intelligence 101 training module is comprised of 8 units designed to familiarize you with the Cmaps Analytics software tool.

  • UNIT 1: Location Intelligence 101 Introduction
  • UNIT 2: New Opportunities for Location Analytics
  • UNIT 3: Step 1: Asking the Right Questions
  • UNIT 4: Step 2 Understanding Your Goals and Challenges
  • UNIT 5: Step 3: Setting Expectations with End Users
  • UNIT 6: Step 4: Diving into the Data with IT
  • UNIT 7: Step 5: Visualizing Your Data
  • UNIT 8: Summary and Tips for Success

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CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards

This course is designed to help users utilize and master the CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards. It's comprised of 5 CMaps training modules with multiple units.

Module 1: SAP Dashboards Requisites

  • Unit 1: Dashboard development skills you need
  • Unit 2: Finding and requesting resources

Module 2: Building your First Map

  • Unit 1: Install and Configuration
  • Unit 2: Build your first map
  • Unit 3: Points vs shape data
  • Unit 4: Data and layer types and planning

Module 3: Basic Map Functions

  • Unit 1: Labels and infowindows
  • Unit 2: Connecting and using measure values
  • Unit 3: Panning and Zooming
  • Unit 4: Changing a point’s styling and colors
  • Unit 5: Using alerts to change color using data thresholds
  • Unit 6: Map and series visibility

Module 4: Creating and Importing Regions

  • Unit 1: Regions and shape data introduction
  • Unit 2: Connecting to a standard shapefile

Module 5: Additional Features and Knowledge

  • Unit 1: Tuning and boosting map performance
  • Unit 2: Preparation for Mobile Publishing

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