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White Paper Guides

White Papers & Guides

BI white papers and guides provided by SAP, IBM and Spartan Solution Services

Business Guides


Business Dashboard Software, Design & Reporting Guide

A Spartan Solution Services solution based guide for IT professionals to design and implement business dashboards.

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IT Professional's Guide to Data Analysis & Interpretation

A Spartan Solution Services practical and solution based guide for IT professionals to simplify data analysis and interpretation.

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White Papers


Dashboard Reporting & Analysis for Midsize Companies

An IBM Cognos and Spartan Solution Services guide to dashboard design & reporting for better data interpretation and analysis.

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SAP: Adapting to Digital Transformation with Application Integration

Using effective deployment and system integration to bring your firm to the next level of business performance.

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The Business Intelligence Guide for Mid-Size Companies

A complete guide to understanding business intelligence as it applies to mid-size companies within all industries.

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Using Advanced Analytics to Gain Insight into Your Revenue Stream

How to harness analytics beyond the basics to gain actionable data for greater clarity into your revenue.

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The Guide to Business Intelligence for Business Users

Business intelligence can (and should) be managed by business users, not just IT consultants.

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IBM Cognos Platform: Meeting the Needs of Both Business & IT Users

How all users within any company can effectively utilize the powerful IBM Cognos platform.

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Best Practice Approaches to Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

How to utilize the IBM Cognos platform for a more insightful and predictable future.

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Managing the Extended Enterprise for Profitable Growth

A SAP and Spartan Solution Services guide to optimal growth management within enterprise organizations.

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Retail Performance Management: Increase Visibility + Drive Profits

Optimizing growth and profitability among retail organizations using the IBM Cognos toolset.

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Business Intelligence & Business Performance Management for Information Challenges

How to leverage business intelligence and BPM to improve data clarity and utilization.

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The Guide to Analytics for Healthcare

How healthcare organizations can use analytics for more insightful (and profitable) decisions.

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