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Mobile Workforce Management

Vulcan® is the ultimate solution for managing your mobile workforce.

What is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile workforce management software is an emerging core application for companies with a field-based mobile workforce, allowing for unparalleled visibility into the activities of the mobile worker. The capabilites are a direct solution for issues that often inhibit growth and customer satisfaction for companies in the construction and manufacturing industries, as well as IT professionals and businesses managing subcontractors.

Implementing a mobile workforce management system means that the common challenges of manually managing a mobile field-based team are resolved and optimized with one single automated solution:

  • Improved worker productivity, team cohesion & project integrity
  • Accurate labor skillset alignment to jobs
  • Accurate, streamlined job assignment and scheduling processes
  • Organized and clear communication of both job and task prioritization
  • Concise asset tracking and part replenishment for faster job completion
  • Job closure processes for reduction in paperwork and reconciliation time and ultimately more efficient invoicing
  • Provides management with full visibility of all activities to quickly identify problems and opportunities
  • Integration with customer data means managers can make resources available and fulfill clients' needs

A company that decides to invest in mobile workforce management solutions will find that not only do their teams meet their goals, but are likely to more consistently exceed them; the end result is increased customer satifisfaction and a healthier bottom line.

What are the options for a company that seeks to solve these challenges and implement a mobile workforce management system? 5x Technology has developed a mobile workforce management solution that integrates and extends the business intelligence arm for enhanced reporting.


Latest Articles on Mobile Workforce Management

vulcan-mobile-workforce-management-softwareVulcan Mobile Workforce Management Software

Vulcan is an integrated mobile workforce and parts management software with a strong business intelligence front end, making it an end-to-end mobile workforce solution.

Designed for the unique needs of the mobile workforce, Vulcan provides a clean interface that is easy for team members and management to cultivate productive day-to-day job task activities and for management to effectively determine how best to utilize personnel while accelerating the decision-making process not only for the needs of the clients, but identification of problems and opportunities.

Project and Workforce Management Using Multiple Devicesvulcan-mobile-workforce-management

Vulcan supports multiple devices to streamline the communication process with automated status updates and device notifications, while allowing all aspects of the project to be managed in one place. Vulcan mobile workforce management software means your business will see:

  • Higher workforce productivity: Better project timeline management, easy scheduling, fast status and job completion updating.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Efficient time management means a lower cost-to-serve.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers will appreciate efficient project completion and the respect for their time.
  • Continuous improvement: On-going improvement of processes and agile, flexible software personalization.

Integrated Business Intelligence

mobile-workforce-management-bitoolsetCombined with the mobile workforce management arm, Vulcan integrates powerful business intelligence allowing for mobile view insights from any location, at any time.

Out-of-the-box key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, and BI dashboards provide data and reporting for faster decision-making and action on projects, providing a business intelligence toolset for top-to-bottom reporting to all roles in the organization. With Vulcan business intelligence companies can:

  • Have a clear understanding of project performance
  • Support identifying issues before they are a problem
  • Create a demand-driven supply chain and increase overall efficiency
  • Increase asset utilization to improve operational performance
  • Perfect order fulfillment to improve customer satisfaction
  • Accurate forecasting and planning to reduce costs
  • Understand ‘cost-to-serve’ to improve profitability

How Vulcan Mobile Workforce Solution Helps

mobile-workforce-management-systemWe work with each of our customers to plan and execute the Vulcan mobile workforce management system. We start by establishing a clear understanding of the organization's key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metrics.

Our planning process is a full spectrum involving a solid strategic plan including tactical & capacity planning, scheduling optimization and exception management. Planning is an ongoing, continuous decision-making effort and our expertise is guiding our customers through the required activities and timeline.

Upon execution, true project success is user acceptance and utilization. We provide software onboarding training to employees to insure:

  • Integration with the tool
  • Understanding of how the tool can make life easier
  • Understand how to build reports & dashboards to meet needs & make decisions

We also provide training for all facets of the toolset:

  • End User & Administration
  • Train-The-Trainer
  • Individual or Group