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Project Management Services

The Experienced Project Management Company

We maintain a team of program and project management professionals available to plan, organize, budget, setup, scope, and manage a project from vision to implementation. Our Project Managers can assist in your project scoping needs, as well - covering a wide variety of projects in business intelligence, data management and others within business segments ranging from retail to manufacturing.

The “Intelligent” Process: Project Management Approach

We realize that all projects have unique aspects and companies have different cultures, objectives and resources. Some companies are motivated to conduct their projects using a rapid implementation approach while others prefer a more traditional project management approach. We have established a project management consulting process that is the foundation for all successful projects.


We realize that all projects have unique aspects and companies have different cultures, objectives and resources. Our IntelligentMethodologyTM reaches new standards for reasoned, disciplined action and resource management combined with flexibility.
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A project initiation toolkit that ensures a smooth, quick jump start for your project. Our approach can be easily customized for any type of project including:

  • Software evaluations
  • Enhancements and add-on functionality projects
  • Implementations
  • Internal software-related projects
  • Software release upgrades

This phase includes all of the activities that need to happen before and immediately after the project starts including:

  • Resource planning
  • Implementation, reporting, data conversion and testing approaches
  • Visioning
  • Project management, administration and communications procedures
  • Project team education strategy
  • Infrastructure and technical planning
  • End-user training strategy
  • Project definition and project planning
  • Requirements and fit analysis
  • Design database and application server tiers, and client connectivity approach

Once the project is successfully structured and started, we provide a direct path approach for completing the project activities. In project phase, the project team designs all of thecustomizable and user-defined aspects of the applications and determines how to convert and interface to the in-house data. We use interactive techniques and include heavy user involvement along the way. Prototypes can be developed allowing the end users to visualize the solution design at key intervals:

The IntelligentDesign phase includes:

  • Project team education
  • Decide on and setup policies and settings for each module
  • Develop and execute the prototype model(s)
  • Finalize the reporting and analysis approach and design reports
  • Design security, workflows, job processes
  • Design customizations, including the user interface and system processing
  • Design interfaces and data extracts
  • Design the metadata and organizational roll-ups

In this phase, the software solution is completely developed and tested. Utilizing our workshops and tools, the project team will:

  • Fully develop all system values and defaults
  • Develop enhancements, customizations and reports
  • Establish security, workflows, job processes
  • Finalize testing strategies and execute test scenarios and scripts
  • Develop interfaces and data extracts and loads

Although end user representatives are heavily involved throughout the project, they and their peers should receive focused, timely, and effective training. Our methodology recognizes these needs in our training toolkit. User and technical documentation and procedures are developed or customized during this phase of the project.

Activities and tools for the IntelligentTrain phase include:

  • Finalize training strategy and classroom environment
  • Develop/customize user and technical documentation
  • Develop/customize training materials and exercises
  • Conduct training

Our structured approach moves the developed solution into a live state and assesses the results. The software solution is also deployed to additional sites not included in the initial project. Subsequent project phases are planned at this time.

Activities during IntelligentEnd include:

  • Cutover planning, preparation and execution
  • Roll-out planning and execution for additional sites
  • Technical fine-tuning
  • Post-project assessment and wrap-up
  • Planning for subsequent projects/phases

We provide the roadmap and expertise to guide you through each implementation phase. Our goal is to help you execute your project as quickly and painlessly as possible while leaving you self-sufficient at the conclusion of the project.


It can be very costly to keep a team of experienced people on staff to help with issues that come up after an implementation. With our proven staff of consultants we can test and implements upgrades and add-ons remotely, this happens easily and seamlessly. We will know your staff and systems needs, allowing for clean patches and upgrades in short order with guaranteed success.

IntelligentMaintenance activities include:

  • Software release upgrades
  • Finalize the reporting and analysis approach and design reports
  • Enhancements and add-on functionality projects

Problem resolution instructions, if necessary, will be provided by phone to the appropriate administrator and/or via remote access to the Cognos Finance Server. Problem resolution will not be provided on-site.


The IntelligentSatisfaction Guarantee is for each portion phase of a project plan and good for ninety-days (90) after each portion phase completion of the project. It includes all services provided by our consulting team.

The IntelligentSatisfaction Guarantee excludes:

  • Services by other companies
  • Client system changes without our written consent
  • Cognos Finance Corporate Services
  • Situations beyond our control (i.e. Acts of Nature, War or Corporate solvency)
  • Hardware defects

If the preceding Project Proposal does not achieve a satisfactory resolution within ninety-days (90), a full refund of our consulting fees for that portion of the project will be refunded. This is not to include Consultants' travel and lodging expenses.

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If our project management and IntelligentMethodologyTM is "how" we do it, our IntelligentOfferingsTM is "what" we actually deliver. We've bundled together our most popular services into easy-to-engage bundles.

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