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ERP BI Solution

Vahana® alleviates the complexity of ERP software by integrating BluJay & Sage software plus SAP BI dashboard reporting


Vahana End-to-End Demo

Transportation ERP Analytics & Reporting Toolset

An All-in-One ERP Analytics and Reporting Solution

Vahana is an ERP solution that combines the transportation operational data from BluJay with financial transaction information that is managed in Sage 300. Vahana also includes an analytics engine powered by SAP BusinessObjects for financial/operational reporting and dashboards.

Vahana-Sage300-BI-solution-ArchitectureVahana is a managed cloud solution that provides existing software licenses cloud-based access and software access all in one package. Vahana caters to a number of user personas from operations, finance, and management.

Lead your supply chain across functions, offices, and geographies while integrating your finances to work seamlessly throughout your business.

Whether your business has one location or operates across international borders, Vahana helps you manage finances in multiple languages and currencies and is integrated seamlessly into the BluJay modules you know and trust.

With real-time visibility across your entire company to keep your business on track, Vahana allows you to:

  • Revitalize departmental silos for companywide transparency and improved collaboration.
  • Integrate front-to-back-office processes: payment solutions, finance and reporting and analytics
  • Reduce inefficiencies and redundancies so you can optimize company performance, productivity.
  • Tap into a real-time, holistic view of your company’s finances and operations in an integrated fashion to improve ease of use between your supply chain and Finance Software.
  • Work anywhere and anytime in the Vahana cloud solution

How Does Vahana Work as an ERP BI Solution?

ERP-Solution-Vahana-PlatformVahana integrates with BluJay and Sage 300 software, helping small to mid-sized companies manage their entire business across geographies, thus alleviating the complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Vahana connects the most important pieces of your business as a SaaS Cloud solution, including:

  • Financials (GL, AP, AR & Credit Check)
  • Operations and inventory.
  • Project and vendor management.
  • Human resource management and payroll.
  • Reporting & analytics

Meanwhile, BluJay maintains your operations, and inventory as it’s affiliated to supply chain & logistics.

Through improved management of BluJay and Sage software, Vahana provides ease-of-use, which enables the following business actions all in one trusted solution:

  • Process & fulfill orders on time
  • Process and accept payments
  • Reconcile your books across multiple companies and currencies
  • Pay employees
  • Manage projects

What ERP Solutions Does Vahana Bring to Your Business?

1. Take the Complexity Out of Managing Your Financials

With Vahana, you will have an accurate, real-time understanding of your financial position, whether it’s cash flow, receivables, or payables across multiple locations, companies, currencies, and international borders.

Configurable, simple to use, and accessible anytime, anywhere, Vahana helps you stay on top of your business and address financial issues before they become real problems.

Vahana helps you manage complex finances and remain compliant with government regulations such as Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

2. Maximize Your Capabilities in Supply Chain, Logistics and Finance

Meet the most demanding budgeting and processing needs while keeping your general ledger up-to-date in real time to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data with Vahana.

  • Store up to 99 years of financial data
  • Balance your books at every step
  • Manage up to ten different account segments
  • Print or email reports instantly
  • Configure to your unique processes and preferred practices.
  • Set up recurring GL entries
  • Easily import transactions from other applications or export data

Accounting and financial management together as one:  

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Multicurrency support
  • Payment Processing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Check and form printing
  • Consolidated financials across multiple companies
3. Manage Accounts Payable with Ease

Streamline your entire cash flow process and save money. Vahana ensures rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, and check reconciliation. You can prioritize payments, negotiate terms, and reduce bad debts.

  • Organize vendor records quickly and easily.
  • Import transactions from other applications.
  • Automatically distribute invoices to as many general ledger expense or asset accounts you require.
  • Set up and schedule recurring payables for invoices paid on a regular basis.
  • Calculate tax for vendor invoices or manually distribute tax.
  • Print checks in multiple languages, including English, French, and Spanish.
4. Easily Manage Multiple Companies

Reduce the struggle of intercompany accounting by tracking deals between multiple entities or subsidiaries, indifferent to the scale of your business.

Focus on more revenue-generating activities with a decrease in redundant data entry, operating on the simplified Vahana platform.

Intercompany transactions in Vahana allow you to enter General Ledger and Accounts Payable transactions affecting more than one company and automatically distribute transactions across two or more companies.

You can set up multiple companies, close books, and report results by company or consolidated company.

5. International Commerce Simplification

Decrease the complications of managing your business across geographies, internationally and across companies and subsideraries.

You’ll have tools to easily maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, update exchange rates daily, and post gains or losses from currency fluctuations.

6. Strengthen Vendor Relationships and Interactions with Streamlined Purchasing

Make the right decisions sooner by automating—and adding visibility—to every facet of your purchasing process.

Vahana keeps you in sync across process requisitions, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and returns to save you time.

This transparency means everyone works from the same, real-time intelligence. 

7. Enhance Business Insight and Visibility

Reporting on the most critical aspects of your business—on demand—is critical to operations, management, and compliance.

With Sage 300c, you will be able to identify issues before they become major problems for your business.

8. Intelligent Reporting

Design, distribute, and consume reports through a common Microsoft Excel® interface on financial and nonfinancial data.

Sage Intelligence can consolidate data from Sage 300c and other data sources to get a single version of the truth in Excel.

Analyze and create reports, filter and aggregate data, drill down to transactions, and automatically schedule and distribute reports.  Sage Intelligence has multiple report templates that are provided out of the box.

9. Keep Tabs on Critical Information

With the Sage 300c homepage, you can customize an anytime, anywhere dashboard specific to your business, with key performance indicators (KPI) with access in the office or away through any mobile device.

Gain better visibility to make fast, effective decisions

With a 360-degree view of your business, real-time metrics, and the ability to create personalized dashboards and meaningful reports, you gain live visibility across all departments and companies with Sage 300c business intelligence tools.

10. See Everything in Real Time

The most important key performance indicators (KPIs) are available on the Vahana analytics console, giving you an up-to-the-moment overview of your financial and operational performance every time you log on.

  • Review real-time metrics and create personalized dashboards
  • Distribute reports with calculated values or embedded formulas—allowing for quick analysis
  • Use pre-built templates to report on any critical aspect of your company

With Vahana Analytics, you’ll have critical information at your fingertips for easier, smarter short- and long-term planning.

You can leverage widgets and customizable report templates to report on any critical aspect of your company, so you can properly allocate your resources and increase productivity.

With the robust business intelligence tools in Vahana, businesses have the visibility, intelligence, and access to key data to make faster and more effective decisions.

Vahana provides access to a suite of pre-built financial and operational reports that are easy to customize with your Vahana data.

Users on Vahana can analyze and create reports, filter and aggregate data, drill down to transactions, and automatically schedule and distribute reports.

With Sage Intelligence, you spend more time focusing on analyzing and interpreting your information and less time pulling the data together.

11. Direct User Support

Sage financial software will be on the Vahana 5x Technology cloud platform. Our Support team will be located 100% in the U.S.A. to assist customers with any needs.