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Data Extraction & Transformation

Data Extraction and Transformation Services

Data Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) is the process of identification, definition and implementation of major data types and their flow within an enterprise. This architecture allows the creation of a "data-driven" information systems infrastructure, where data is identified as a key asset to support an information system that in turn supports all business processes and the business strategy.

This information flow can be from legacy or existing database to the new, global consolidated information database. This data becomes the foundation of an business intelligence process leading to the most informed decisions regarding the enterprise.

The process of extracting raw data from operational applications, processing and loading it into a data warehouse is the domain of ETL software. There are many vendors in this market such as Informatica, DataStream and others. These technologies offer advanced graphical programming environments with excellent data connectivity and integrated meta-data repositories. The ETL software reconciles matches and merges different versions of the same information from multiple system sources. It does this by applying business rules to cleanse, standardize and enrich the data coming from these sources.

The result of this processing can be used to perform operational tasks such as financial consolidation as well as business intelligence objectives such as population of data warehouse databases. The complexity of these tasks is directly related to organization complexity. Often design and development of the ETL process represents a significant portion of the total data warehouse project.

Having delivered over one hundred ETL solutions, Spartan Solution Services has the ETL experts required to minimize the costs of both the initial development and on-going maintenance.

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