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Data Warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions

Enterprise data warehousing is the foundation for business intelligence; it exists to provide business intelligence applications with fast access to trusted business data. Collected from the organization's operational computer systems, it is cleaned, consolidated and organized solely for the purpose of business intelligence. It is thus inextricably linked with data integration, business intelligence and information delivery. This is why our data warehouse development principles always emphasize...

  • Alignment with the overall business strategy
  • Blueprint definition and refinement to continually meet business
  • Incremental sub-system development with measurable benefits at each step
  • Fast deployment and early ROI

About Data Warehousing

data-warehousingData warehousing is a specialized area where technologies and best-practices continue to evolve. While experience and techniques have improved since the first data warehouse attempts, many aspects of good practice remain largely the same -- a standard relational database is still used to store data and data extraction from the source system, loading, cleaning, reconciliation, consolidation, management and aggregation are still handled by a programming language interface.

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