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Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing Strategy, Tools & Techniques

Data is constantly changing, so quality assurance should be engineered as part of a well designed cleansing strategy. Often a complete customer view can only be achieved through name and address matching...which is a universally acknowledged source of poor quality data.

The solution is data cleansing, which requires two key elements:

  1. Providing external quality reference data used to validate, correct and enrich internal records.
  2. Using matching and survivorship software to merge customer data between different systems.

Our Data Cleansing Services

Using industry leading data cleansing tools, Spartan Solution Services can extract your company's data from a variety of relational and non-relational sources, cleanse, transform, unify and load it into any relational, ODBC or JDBC database.

A number of data management projects fail or are shelved due to poor data quality and integrity. Without the highest levels of data quality, line executives cannot rely on the data your business generates for tactical and strategic decisions. Data cleansing directly influences an organization's productivity, internal and external customer satisfaction, and the perception of reliability of the IT department.

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