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GSA Schedule 70

GSA IT Schedule 70

The GSA IT Schedule 70 government purchasing contract is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). The GSA Schedule 70 contract authorizes Spartan Solution Services to procure innovative IT products, services, and solutions that government agencies need. IT Schedule 70 contracts are available through Special Item Numbers (SINs) that include general commercial IT software and solutions.

GSA IT Schedule 70 Services

The GSA Schedule 70 permits Spartan Solution Services to equip federal, state and local government agencies with technology that simplifies IT needs and lowers cost. Our IT Schedule 70 contract produces cost-savings, shorter lead times, flexibility, transparency, reduced inventory, and access to high quality IT solutions.

Spartan Solution Services offers more than just software solutions; we work with you to meet government regulations and overcome obstacles.

We provide the following capabilities and products under this contract:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management

GSA Schedule 70 Contract Details

Contract Number: 

Period of Performance: 

Who is Eligible: Federal, local, and state agencies, agency contractors, and educational institutions.

Vehicle Type: GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

Award Type: Multiple Award Schedule

Authorized Teaming Partners:N/A

GSA Schedule 70 FAQ

How do I order IT services using GSA Schedule 70?

Purchases can be made by contacting us or through GSA Advantage

Generally, you must issue an RFI or RFQ which allows us to respond to your requirements. 

What are the advantages of purchasing through Schedule 70?

The GSA IT Schedule 70 is one of the most popular government contracts for technology acquisitions. A Schedule 70 can save you time, money, and offers the latest IT products and services.


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