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Government IT Contracts

Our Government IT Contracts

With growth in sophisticated hacking and the number of government employees using mobile devices, there is a significant amount of data that needs proper protection and management.

Through our comprehensive BI solutions and expert data management, we'll help you discover customized, secure IT solutions to meet government regulations and enable return on investment. Expedite purchasing with Spartan Solution Services pre-approved contracts.

Explore our government IT purchasing contracts:

  • GSA (General Services Administration)
  • CMAS (California Multiple Awards Schedules)

Our Spartan Solution Services team has been providing government IT services and solutions for federal, state, and local agencies for their business intelligence (BI) needs for over 13 years. We know when it comes to government IT, we need a tailored solution to deliver results on-time and on budget.

Insights and case studies from our government-approved IT purchasing contracts:


IT Services for Government, State & Local Agencies

Spartan Solution Services helps to resolve your IT government challenges with advanced, cost-effective solutions and services customized to our federal and state government partners.

Efficient data management and business intelligence strategies help you optimize growth and productivity for quicker decision-making processes, and provide better quality government services. Our IT solutions align with your current and future IT strategy.

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Government IT Contract FAQ

What services are included in government IT contracts?

Government IT contracts offer IT solutions for federal, state, and local agencies. From cloud, security, and data management, IT  consultants implement and support government IT challenges.


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