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SAP BusinessObjects

Your SAP BusinessObjects Experts

SAP-BusinessObjects-BIWith over 15 years of business intelligence experience and an established status as SAP Certified Gold Partner, you can feel confident knowing that your SAP BusinessObjects (SAP BO) needs are in good hands with our team at 5x Technology.

From Crystal Reports to many of BusinessObjects Enterprise Information Management (EIM) tools, we have the experience your organization needs to implement and manage all aspects of the SAP BO business intelligence solution. We also offer SAP Training for those looking to boost their knowledge of BusinessObjects or gain certification.

5x Technology Partnership with SAP

5x Technology has partnered with SAP to provide our customers with industry-leading solutions for applications, analytics, database, mobile, cloud, and platform technology. We design, develop, implement, and integrate SAP solutions. As our customers increase demand, we can provide end-to-end business solutions for them so our customers can focus on growing and managing their business – not worry about maintaining IT.

Whether you’re on a public or private cloud, SAP is useful for businesses of all sizes. With SAP, 5x Technology can build custom, robust, more reliable applications that give companies more flexibility.

We can transform businesses with SAP solutions with cutting-edge BI and in-memory computing, improved productivity, and real-time collaboration.

BusinessObjects Solutions We Specialize In

BusinessObjects Reporting Tools (Crystal Solutions)

One of the leading reporting tools for SAP BusinessObjects is Crystal Reports. We provide services for multiple Crystal Reports versions, including Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Analysis.

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BusinessObjects Performance Management

Our performance management products help organizations drive strategy, plan and budget for the future, all while providing intuitive dashboards and scorecards, alerting, and industry-focused applications. Users then gain visibility into organizational strategy and metrics that matter most in improving performance.

SAP BusinessObjects Performance Management Products:

  • Performance Management Tools
    Align people and actions with strategy by enabling assignment of company goals to users or groups of users. Within a single interface, communicate strategy and accountability to everyone, cascade goals and metrics from executive to line level, present intuitive dashboards and scorecards throughout the enterprise, and even use predictive analysis to take action ahead of business issues.
  • Analytic Applications
    Industry best practives for business analysis, supported by a framework that can be customized and adapted to customer needs. The analytic applications provide metrics, reports and insight across the enterprise. BusinessObjects analytic applications embed industry and domain-focused business metrics, pre-built dashboards and scorecards and best-practice analysis techniques to drive insight into key business issues.
  • Analytic Engines
    Designed on top of the BusinessObjects XI platform, the analytic engines are designed to help organizations gain deeper insight to improve performance. BusinessObjects Set Analysis, BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis and BusinessObjects Process Analysis are powerful engines that enhance an organization's performance management initiatives.
BusinessObjects Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

BusinessObjects Enterprise Information Management (EIM) delivers business intelligence you can trust.

  • Market leading data quality
  • Best in class data integration
  • End-to-end metadata management

Enterprise Information Management is a combination of strategy, practices, and open technologies for delivering trusted, integrated, and timely information. BusinessObjects EIM products and services provides the most trusted foundation for business decisions.

EIM products

  • Data Integrator
  • Data Federator
  • Rapid Marts
  • Data Quality
  • Metadata Manager
  • Composer
BusinessObjects Data Integrator

BusinessObjects Data Integrator is a tier-1 extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool that allows customers to build a data mart or data warehouse. With Data Integrator, customers can build a trustworthy data foundation for BI. Key Messages:

  • Trustworthy information
  • Maximizes developer productivity
  • Delivers extreme ETL scalability
BusinessObjects Data Federator

BusinessObjects Data Federator is a new product that helps our customers address two primary issues:

Accelerate multi-source BI query performance
Provide fast, trusted access, and synchronization of data from three to eight sources or more. Query times can be reduced by several orders of magnitude (think seconds) while providing data quality and higher report authoring productivity.

Complement ETL tools
Extend existing data warehouses and back-end data integration capabilities with agile, real-time data access. IT staff can use Data Federator to quickly bring together ETL-consolidated data with other new, volatile, and sub-atomic sources that have data not found in the data warehouse or data marts.

Key Messages
Data Federator creates a virtual view of all data sources. It allows a single BusinessObjects universe to map to multiple-sources and optimally federates (i.e. integrates) queries against individual sources directly. Data Federator provides:

  • Agile and rapid data integration
  • High-performance, on-demand access to information
  • Real-time delivery of trusted information
BusinessObjects Data Quality

With SAP's Firstlogic Solutions acquisition, BusinessObjects offers market leading data quality products and services. Data quality is a critical requirement of an enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. BusinessObjects data quality products allow you to profile, cleanse, and continuously monitor your data. Also, Data Integrator and Data Federator provides capabilities for profiling, validation, auditing data.

BusinessObjects Rapid Marts

BusinessObjects Rapid Marts provide packaged data integration for enterprise applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Siebel. Rapid Marts combine domain knowledge with data integration best practice to deliver pre-built data models, transformation logic, and data extraction.

Rapid Marts are packaged, powerful, and flexible data integration solutions that help organizations:

  • Jump-start business intelligence (BI) deployments and accelerate time to value
  • Deliver best-practice data warehousing solutions
  • Develop custom solutions to meet unique requirements

Jumpstart BI Projects
Developing custom extract, transform, and load (ETL) routines for enterprise applications is expensive and time-consuming. With Rapid Marts, you can cut costs and jumpstart the implementation of BI data marts and data warehouses.

Deliver Best-Practice Data Warehousing Solutions
Rapid Marts are modular and incorporate standard dimensional modeling techniques. They can help quickly deliver operational reporting to BI users who need to see information as it resides in source systems, or they can serve as a staging area for more complex enterprise analytic requirements.

Develop Custom Solutions
Rapid Marts meet your most important requirements and can be easily customized to handle specific needs like adding data sources to extend the predefined subject area.

BusinessObjects Metadata Manager

Metadata Manager is a new product that will actively collect and unify BI, ETL, and third-party metadata. The goal is to allow organizations to easily view and analyze metadata through pre-built metadata reports. These reports will provide information on data quality, end-to-end impact analysis, and report-to-source data lineage. With Metadata Manager organizations will be able to deliver trusted data for compliance requirements, internal controls, and improved decision making.

BusinessObjects Composer

Designing and implementing a data warehouse is a complicated and resource-intensive IT project. The most critical part of such an undertaking is the extract, transform, and load (ETL) design process. It's often plagued by many disparate data sources, lack of organizational knowledge of source systems, and unexpected data-quality issues.

With web-based BusinessObjects Composer, your IT team can efficiently design and manage "bulletproof" ETL processes. Composer complements BusinessObjects Data Integrator, the most productive and scalable data integration platform on the market. It's also the only product on the market to address the costly and non-systematic processes associated with ETL design, implementation, and maintenance.

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