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Business Analysis & Process Analysis

Business Analysis Services

We believe that the convergence of business process and data management invites our new model in which strategy and process controls are consciously linked to data management. The linchpin is the emergence of process integration tools that enable the deployment of redesigned processes through legacy systems. With our comprehensive oversight of both process and data, you gain leverage on both your company's existing management programs and your investment in systems and technology. Thus, you are able to unlock the untapped financial returns of your integrated enterprise.

Process Analysis & Re-Engineering Services

We understand that process and data, two different perspectives of an enterprise, each stake claim to pre-eminent importance. Process management has its heritage in industrial engineering and business management principles. Recently it has evolved through quality management programs, re-engineering, and continuous improvement. Process control is generally a top-down approach.

Conversely, data management is a bottom-up approach. It concentrates on your computer assets, particularly its encyclopedia of transactions and records. Data management grew from its data processing roots and broadened into information technology. While still technical in nature, data management is playing an increasingly important role in the enterprise's core business, particularly as the Internet makes the enterprise more visible to customers and suppliers.

With a combined expertise of over 50 years in large organization business and process analysis, our experts are the best choice for re-engineering performance in any organization.

Business and Process Analysis are staple services within of our suite of IntelligentOfferings.


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