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Business Planning

Business Planning Services

Business Planning and Forecasting Services

The demand for financial information continues to increase, applying greater pressure on financial professionals to deliver information to stakeholders throughout an organization faster and more efficiently than ever before. In the past, many companies used different software applications to manage each of these processes, such as the budgeting process. Business-PlanningToday, companies are gaining competitive advantage by deploying one solution for all processes.

We enable these professionals to easily manage their core financial processes. This includes budgeting, planning, consolidation, forecasting, and reporting (also see Balanced Scorecard approach) all within one solution, which means:

  • Easily shared data
  • Unified definitions
  • Better security
  • Increased ease of use

How We Help with Business Planning

We work with each of our customers to achieve a clear understanding of the organization's key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metrics, as both are essential in modeling your business. Once the models have been built, the computer infrastructure is re-engineered to provide the managers with data so that 'actual' can be evaluated and appropriate plans and forecasts developed.

To do this, we provide our customers with an enterprise platform that enables their employees and managers to participate in a collaborative budgeting and forecasting process. The platform allows organizations to respond immediately to changes in the market. It allows collaborative participation within the organization and provides comprehensive reporting to all levels of managers, through a web browser. This may include solutions like Cognos Finance, which manages all of your data - history, actual, budgets, and forecasts from any source. It lets you map data from multiple sources such as General Ledgers, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Human Resource (HR) systems, and use a master set of accounts, resulting in a single financial view of your organization.


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