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Business Intelligence Tools & Services

Our Business Intelligence Tools

The way in which organizations utilize business intelligence (BI) has become increasingly agile due to the ever expanding landscape of BI software tools. Our team has deep expertise of the leading BI tools that are most applicable to mid-size and enterprise organizations within both government and commercial sectors. And, given that we've been in business over 15 years, we also have comprehensive knowledge of the various versions of each tool.

Some of our BI tools include:

Our Business Intelligence Services

Since the value of business intelligence is relatively ubiquitous, the challenge is no longer making the case for implementation, but rather selecting the right software, ensuring it's compatibility with other business applications, implementing them in a cost-conscious manner and managing it effectively to ensure every ounce of value is derived from the expense.

We service nearly every facet of business intelligence adoption and optimization, including:

Business Intelligence FAQ

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence is an interactive process of gathering, analyzing and exploring structured, domain-specific information (often stored in a data warehouse) to discern trends or patterns, thereby deriving insights and drawing conclusions for users to make better business decisions for an organization. The Business Intelligence process includes communicating findings and effecting change for small parts or groups within an organization or an entire enterprise.

What are the benefits of BI?

Business Intelligence provides organizations with benefits in 3 main areas:

  1. Improve business processes.
  2. Improve customer's response.
  3. Adapt to changing market conditions.

Although many business intelligence initiatives are initially local in scope, fully informed decisions require a broader range of information to be available, allowing information to be understood within the overall business perspective. Hence, organizations require a comprehensive strategy for business intelligence.

How do businesses use BI?

The vast majority of business users will use business intelligence through...

  • prepared (canned) reports
  • web based or OLAP clients
  • custom applications (such as balanced scorecards and financial analysis).

A smaller number of users will require greater analytic capability, and will use ad-hoc queries, data mining, segmentation and advanced visualization technologies to achieve their goals.

What do BI tools often include?

BI software solutions include software for database query and reporting, multidimensional - or OLAP - data analysis, data mining, and visualization.

Some of the BI Dimensions include customers, products, services or competitors.

  • SAP-Gold-Partner
  • sap-business-objects
  • ibm-cognos
  • crystal-reports
  • cmaps-analytics
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