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Veterans Jobs

Veteran's Apprentice Program

Veterans Apprentice Program

About Our Veteran Apprenticeship Program

We value dedication and perseverance. And who better exemplifies that spirit than America’s military personnel and their families. Our heroes deserve to be successful when transitioning back to civilian life and we’ve created a program to help make that happen. Our Veteran's Apprentice Program provides certifications, program training, mentoring and apprenticeships on leading business intelligence solutions in tandem with our partner, SAP. For US military veterans who want a rewarding career in the ever-growing information technology industry, the Veteran’s Apprentice Program was created especially for you.

Benefits of our Veteran's Apprentice Program

  • Certifications in SAP Business Intelligence platform, BusinessObjects.
  • Apprenticeship with current certified Business Intelligence professionals.
  • Employment opportunities with Spartan Solution Services upon program completion.
  • Working and making a major impact at military installations by providing better information solutions.

Who We're Looking For...

We are looking for hard chargers who are open-minded, willing to give the effort needed to learn a new trade and experience new adventures. They must be willing to travel throughout the United States (when necessary), willing to learn new technology and comprehend multi-dimensional concepts and have an upbeat attitude with a problem solving curiosity. People who have worked with databases, reporting tools, trainers or heavy Excel users are highly desirable.

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