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Intelligent Solutions for Growth-Driven Companies

Reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving profitability rely on the successful combination of four very important things: data, strategy, execution and efficiency. Our IntelligentOfferings™ were purpose-built to address these four things in a highly-targeted and cost-effective manner -- making it even easier to implement and maintain the right business intelligence solution for you. Learn more about each of our IntelligentOfferings below.

Discover IntelligentOfferingsTM


What is IntelligentAssessment™?
IntelligentAssessment™ is your deep-dive system checkup for an optimal environment. Over time, systems get out of step with business goals and requirements. When this happens, customer expectations clash with system restrictions causing bottlenecks and barriers to entry (aka barriers to profitability).

Introducing Our Tiger Team
Our Tiger team consists of a Project Manager, Data Modeler, ETL Specialist and Database Architect. They can bring your system and users back together to better meet business goals. As part of our thorough Blueprint Process we will evaluate your environment(s), Installation Architecture (ETL and Security), & Servers (Application & Web) to ensure they are working with optimal performance. At the end, you will receive full documentation reflective of what is running optimally and where improvements should be made to make your system exceed customer expectations and take your configuration to the next level.


What is IntelligentSupport™?
IntelligentSupport™ is a low cost IT solution to help protect your business intelligence investment through maintenance and support services. This service reduces the overall workload on your IT team and gives you administrators who only work on the applications you use. They will make sure all patches, hot fixes are up-to-date for optimum performance, as well as monitor your system.

Why Companies Choose Our IntelligentSupport™.
Studies have shown remote administration services cost about 60 percent less than what they cost to support a similar level of service in-house. By using a team of proven BI administrators, you have at your fingertips the most capable, advanced team to advise and solve your business needs to keep you competitive in this ever changing environment and you’ll understand why organizations are outsourcing critical administrative roles.

Also, as universe/report creation increase in value to organizations, IT managers are choosing to move their most valuable IT staff away from low-level administration work in order to focus on these more strategic activities.


What is IntelligentRenewals™?
The deceivingly simple process of renewing software licenses can be a huge drain on your productivity and budget. For example:

  • Did you know you can reduce your renewal costs?
  • Do you know what renewing your software licenses actually does for you?
  • Are you renewing the right number of licenses for your current and future needs?
  • Do you have products going into sunset period?

Our seasoned staff will help you get the most out of your software at the lowest possible cost. As a premium business partner, we can help you assess your current and future software needs as well as:

  • Get better discounted pricing on your current agreement.
  • Save time and increase your discounts with multi-year agreements, not due until your annual period of performance date (often 3-5 years).
  • Access to one vendor to manage multiple vendors who understands your needs and requirements

What is IntelligentInformation™?
Our IntelligentInformation™ service provides standardization, cleansing, merging, deduping and data enhancement capabilities of CRM data. Why is this important? Because fewer things can impact your bottom line more directly than the quality of your data.

How IntelligentInformation Works.
The IntelligentInformation™ solution is a consultative service that extracts customer data out of a customer’s CRM system, runs it through our tool, tags records that have redundant and incorrect information based on a requested specifications, cleanses and merges duplicates, and then uploads the data back into the customer’s CRM software.

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